Time Escape is Loveland’s hottest live-action escape game experience. Compete with a team to solve puzzles & clues to break your way out of a locked room in 1 hour or less. Every room is themed for a certain time period. Choose your favorite, grab your friends, and see if you have the wits and skill to beat the clock. Time Escape is great for family fun, team building, date nights, corporate events, and so much more! 

Choose Your Escape Room Experience

Totally 80s

2-8 Players | 60 Minutes | Moderate | $28 Per Person

You have scored primo tickets to the biggest concert of the summer, Michael Jackson’s “Bad” tour. Total bummer though: you don’t know where you put them and you’re wigging out! While searching, the door mysteriously locks behind you. You have the need for speed because in just one hour your mom is picking you up in her station wagon! Will you use the force to find the tickets and never say die like the Goonies to get out in time? This game moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while you could miss it.

Poisoning at the Palace

4-8 Players | 60 Minutes | Difficult| $28 Per Person

His Royal Highness Pervical Von Locke and his wife are hosting an intimate dinner tonight at the royal palace in honor of their daughter’s engagement to the prince of a neighboring kingdom. The table is set with care and the guests will be arriving in 60 minutes. However, there is a sudden change in plans: the king has been found dead on the dining room floor. You are called upon as head of the royal security team to investigate the crime. Search for clues and rule out suspects in 60 minutes, or risk being banished to the royal dungeon forever.

Gold Rush 1849

2-6 Players | 60 Minutes | Moderate| $28 Per Person

Gold miner Jedediah Taylor is one of the most ruthless treasure-seekers in California’s Gold Rush of 1849. This reclusive 49er lives alone in a remote cabin hidden deep in the woods. Word is that old Jed has quite a stash of gold hiding in his humble abode. Today you finally found his cabin…EUREKA! When Jed steps outside to go prospecting for those glorious nuggets you sneak inside and the door locks behind you. If Jed catches you, you’ll be just a flash in the pan! If you’re smart you’ll find the gold, but if you’re brilliant you’ll get out before you get caught.


2-6 Players | 60 Minutes | Moderate| $28 Per Person

The year is 1912 and you are sailing on the world’s greatest vessel: RMS Titanic. You are a lowly 3rd-class passenger & you are accused of stealing a priceless necklace from one of the ship’s most wealthy passengers. You decide to hunt for the necklace yourself to redeem your good name, but you are caught snooping and the ship’s security crew detains you for further questioning inside this glamorous makeshift cell. But the Titanic has hit an iceberg and is sinking fast! Your challenge is to escape captivity, find the necklace, and escape before both you & Titanic meet an untimely doom.