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Team Building Events

Great for Team Building

We would love to have your company come in to play with us! Escape rooms are awesome for team building!

We have four escape rooms operating at this time:

The Office: 8-person capacity (can be 9 or 10)

   Beginner to Moderate Difficulty – $220/game

80s REMIX: 6-person capacity (strictly)

   Moderate Difficulty – $165/game

Titanic:  6-person capacity  $165/game

   Moderate Difficulty – $165/game

Poisoning at the Palace: 8-person capacity

   Expert Difficulty – $220/game

For corporate events, we open by appointment during the week (two-room minimum). Dates are flexible and we can run more than one room at the same time. With all four rooms filled we can accommodate 22-30 people at a time (by staggering the start times by just a few minutes).

We can also accommodate larger groups by booking multiple time slots throughout the day. Each game lasts 60 minutes. With orientation and re-setting, plan on about one hour and 15 minutes per group. 

For corporate bookings, you book and pay by the room, so there is no need to stress over the exact head count ahead of your event.

Special events can be arranged by emailing [email protected] or filling out the form.

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Have a smaller group? Check out our regular options