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Quick Details

Duration: 1 hour

Players: 2 to 6

Ages: All Ages*

*All players require a ticket, regardless of age.

*If anyone in the room is under age 14, one paying adult is required to play.


Private Room
2 players
Up to 4 players
Up to 6 players

Escape the Sinking Ship

The year is 1912 and you have booked a passage on the inaugural sailing of the world’s greatest vessel: the RMS Titanic. You are a lowly third class passenger and you have found yourself accused of stealing a priceless necklace from one of the ship’s most wealthy passengers. You have decided to sneak into the woman’s first class stateroom to hunt for the necklace and prove that you had nothing to do with the theft. The ship’s security crew catches you snooping and detains you for further questioning inside this glamorous makeshift cell.

But disaster strikes before the interrogation begins. The Titanic has hit an iceberg and is sinking fast! The security crew has fled to the upper decks and left you alone here to fend for yourself. You find yourself locked in this predicament with no one but your friends to help. Your challenge is to escape captivity, find the necklace, and escape the cabin to clear your good name before both you and the Titanic meet an untimely doom.

One volunteer player is (safely) detained during the beginning of the game with handcuffs.

This Loveland escape room is played on the second story of a historic home with no elevator access. Guests must be able to use stairs to access the second floor to play.