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Poisoning at the Palace

Quick Details

This game has retired, and is no longer available for play!

Private Room
Up to 4 players
Up to 6 players
Up to 8 players

Find the King’s Murderer

His Royal Highness Pervical Von Locke and his wife, Queen Priscilla, are hosting an intimate dinner tonight at the royal palace in honor of their daughter, Princess Isabel’s engagement to the prince of a neighboring kingdom. The table is set with care and the guests will be arriving in 60 minutes.

However, there is a sudden change in plans: the king has been found dead on the dining room floor, a victim of an untimely poisoning. You are called upon as head of the royal security team to investigate the crime. The upcoming royal marriage is to be a partnership to save Von Locke’s fledgling kingdom and the party must go on no matter the effort or expense. Search for clues and rule out suspects in 60 minutes, or risk being banished to the royal dungeon forever.

There is a minimum of four players required for this Loveland escape room due to the difficulty of the room and how much there is to accomplish in the game in order to escape.

Please note that the Groupons that were sold May through August are not valid for this room as it was not open when the Groupon was sold.

This game is played on the main level of the escape house and is wheelchair accessible. Our escape house has a wheelchair ramp to the front door and an accessible restroom.