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Gold Rush 1849

Quick Details


We have retired this game, so it is no longer available to play. Please stay tuned for our new escape rooms coming soon!


Duration: 1 hour

Players: 2 to 6

Price: $28 Per Person

Ages: All Ages*

*All players require a ticket, regardless of age.

*If anyone in the room is under age 14, one paying adult is required to play.

Private Room

Find the Gold and Escape

Gold miner Jedediah Taylor is one of the most ruthless treasure-seekers in California’s Gold Rush of 1849, doing anything to find pay dirt. His gold-fevered soul is stingy and malicious, and if you try to jump his claim you’ll meet your untimely end, just like the gamblers and thieves who tried before you. This reclusive 49er lives alone in a remote cabin hidden deep in the dank, dark woods. Word is that old Jed has quite a stash of gold hiding in his humble abode.

Today you finally found his cabin…EUREKA! When Jed steps outside to go prospecting for those glorious nuggets you sneak inside. To your surprise, the door shuts and locks behind you. If Jed catches you up to your shenanigans you’ll be just a flash in the pan! If you’re smart you’ll find the gold, but if you’re brilliant you’ll get out before you get caught.

This northern Colorado escape room is located on the second floor of a historic home and has no elevator access. Players must be able to use stairs to reach the second floor in order to play this game.